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Custom Designed Equipments Custom Designed Equipments

Minmax has a talented R&D team with its team members specialized in different fields with varied experience. Minmax has successfully designed and implemented many application specific microcontroller based products which are in use in different industries.

Production Display Systems Production Display Systems

In a production line involving many workers, achieving a production target is achieved using production display system. Jumbo displays visible up to 300 meters are placed viewing by all the workers. Top line displays the target and bottom line displays the actual production figure. Using a console the total target and period of production is entered. During production, by viewing the target and actual figures, the workers adjust their speed to achieve the production.

Shop/Advertisement Display Shop/Advertisement Display

Moving display systems attract the attention of the viewers. Compact moving display systems move messages at different speed which is eye catching. The messages can be programmed from PC or laptop. The messages can be programmed from PC or laptop. Once the messages are programmed it is stored permanently till programmed again. Any font/any language is the specialty of Minmax moving display systems.

Data Acquisition Systems Data Acquisition Systems

Different data is acquired periodically and stored in memory with or without time stamp in Minmax Data Acquisition Systems. The period of scanning, number of channels, type of processing, method of storing, method of transmission etc., depend on the specific requirements.

Automatic Bell Automatic Bell

Alarms of different periods and time of alarms are programmable in Automatic bell. Also the real time could be set. Once programmed it generates alarm or buzzer sound as per programmed values.Ideal for big industries, schools and colleges.

Master Slave Clock Master Slave Clock

In a big factory/public place like railway station, synchronization of the clock is a must. Master Slave clock achieves this. The time display in the entire slave clock will be the same as set in the master clock.

Specific Test Jigs Specific Test Jigs

General purpose board testers are difficult to program and use efficiently. Specific test jigs help in testing a particular assembled PCB/component so that that particular board is tested fully in all respects.

Other products Other products

Charge/Discharge controllers, Process timer, Solar power supplies, solid state potentiometers.

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