Minmax Electronic Portfolio

  • 8051 Microcontroller Trainer Kit

    Micro-8051 is a 8 bit Microcontroller Trainer kit based on Intel's 8051 Microcontroller from Minmax Electronics. It is the same as 8031/80C31/8751/89C51 (MCS - 52 Series). It is an universal type kit with 8052 CPU Module plugged onto it. With Micro -8051 one can enter machine -coded programs, check their correctness, execute it and verify the results. It has onboard RS232 interface to download Intel - hex files from PC. The on-board peripherals of Micro - 8051 include 8255) Programmable Peripheral Interface), 8279 (Keyboard/display Controller), 8253(Programmable Interval Timer), 8259(Programmable Interrupt Controller), 8251(Programmable Serial Communication Interface) with RS232 drivers 1488/1489. Micro - 8051 operates from 230 V AC through an external Power Supply Unit.

  • ARM(LPC 2148)

    ARM(LPC2148) Microcontroller development kit from Minmax Electronics is based on the popular Philips/NXP ARM-7 Microcontroller LPC-2148. This 32 bit Microcontroller has 512 Kbytes of flash memory,32 Kbytes of RAM. It is working with 12 MHz crystal. All the port lines, USB, ADC, DAC, SPI, I2C and JTAG are terminated in connector points for external interface. The ARM processor is programmed through UART-0 RS232C channel from the PC through Philips flash programming utility or flash magic software. Sample C programs are provided to display a message on LCD, scan the matrix keypad and display the key code, read the trim pot connected to A to D converter and display the value, generate different waveforms through on chip DAC, displaying some message on the 7seg.LED display, configure the 2148 USB interface as virtual com post and display the key value on the LCD.

  • Digital IC Tester (MME-DIT 2040)

    It is microprocessor based digital IC tester from Minmax Electronics .Its functionality tests a variety of digital ICs including Microprocessor, Peripheral IC's, EPROMs, RAMs etc., apart from the standard 74 & 54 series of TTL ICs and 40 & 45 series of CMOS ICs.

  • Linear IC Functional Tester (Microprocessor based)

    MME LICT 20 is the Microprocessor controlled LINEAT IC FUNCTIONAL TESTER from MINMAX ELECTRONICS. It functionally test a variety of linear ICs including commonly used Operational amplifiers, Comparators, Transistor arrays, Optocouplers, Analog switches, Multiplexer, Voltage followers, Timers, A to D converters, D to A converters, cross point switches and other selected special function analog ICs.