Universal Tester with LCR meter (MME-UT 20)

MME - UT 20 is the latest Microcontroller based Universal IC tester with LCR Meter from Minmax Electronics. It functionally tests 74 series of TTL ICs 40 & 45 series of CMOS ICs, Analog/Linear ICs op amps, comparators, timers, transistor arrays, ADC, DAC etc., It also tests components like diode, transistors, UJT, FET, SCR, Displays, Regulators (78/79) and DIP relays. It also measures the values of Inductance (L), Capacitance(C) and Resistance(R). MME-UT 20 has Rs232 Serial Interface through which IC test Library could be expanded.

Universal Tester with LCR meter (MME-UT 20)



40*2 Backlit Alphanumeric LCD


24 keys Membrane Keyboard.


20 pin ZIF socket for DIP ICs Components Holder/Machine base for D/L/C/R 3pin Machine base for Transistors, UJT, FET, SCR 3 pin Machine base for 78XX/79XX Regulators

Test range:

Digital & Linear ICs 6, 8,14,16,20 pin in DIP pack. Active & Passive Components


Sheet Metal Cabinet with powder coating and Engraving.


230V AC 50 Hz+-10%

Features :

  • One system many functions.
  • Digital IC tester to test Digital ICs TTL/CMOS (14/16/20 pins)
  • Analog IC Tester to test Linear/analog ICs (4, 6, 8, 14, 20 Pins)
  • LCR Meter - Measures L, C, R, with Calibration Facility.
  • Microcontroller Development System.
  • Serial Port for Upgradation.
  • Buzzer for bad IC indication.
  • Component Tester (To test Diode, Transistors, SCR, UJT, FET Regulators & Displays)