Linear IC Functional Tester (Microprocessor based)

MME LICT 20 is the Microprocessor controlled LINEAR IC FUNCTIONAL TESTER from MINMAX ELECTRONICS. It functionally test a variety of linear ICs including commonly used Operational amplifiers, Comparators, Transistor arrays, Optocouplers, Analog switches, Multiplexer, Voltage followers, Timers, A to D converters, D to A converters, cross point switches and other selected special function analog ICs.

Linear IC Functional Tester (Microprocessor based)



LINEAR ICs and Analog & Digital combined ICs of 6, 8, 10, 14,16,18,20 pins dual in line.(also round pack if inserted after bending leads to suit DIP).


Operational Amplifiers, Comparators, Transistor arrays, OptoCouplers, Analog switches, Multiplexers, Voltage followers, Timers, A to D converters, D to A converters and other selected special function analog ICs.


Output test with simulated inputs and at nominal loads. It performs only functional test and not parameter test.


20 pin DIP ZIF.


24 feather touch keys.


16 character LCD dot matrix display.


230 Volts +- 10% 50 Hz AC.


Sheet metal box with powder coating and screen printing.


25*24*6 cm^3


3.5 Kgs approximately.

Features :

  • No personality cards/reference IC/IC data required
  • Automatically testing of IC after entering the IC number .No wiring is required.
  • CONtinous mode for testing ICs until ABORTed. Number of times the test was successful is displayed.
  • STEP mode to locate faulty pin through discrete LED's for ICs up to 20 pins.
  • Auto Search to find the number of unknown good digital IC with facility to locate its functional equivalents for ICs up to 20 pins.
  • Buzzer to indicate bad IC
  • Separate field for display of mode of operation(ONE/CON/STP).
  • Remembers IC Numbers for repeated testing of same IC.
  • SELFTEST facility during power ON and through keyboard.
  • Potential free 20 pin and 40 pin ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) sockets.
  • HELP key for short description of the various key functions.
  • Computer interface through RS232C for enhancement of IC test library.